502 Bad Gateway – Stylistic Cultural Evaluation

JS: Of course. But, as they say in the music industry, it can take 10 years to become an overnight sensation. You have to invest graft, craft, build your story, reasons to believe and sheer weight of talk-about. So, I feel the impetus to draw out some early fans first – whether it’s through our own retail or through independent stockists who have the strongest relationships with their customers. The brands that win in all sectors are those who put in the hard yards to nurture fans and earn their right for people to give a monkey about them. Frankly the world doesn’t need more clothes. They will connect with meaningful brands. But I think brands often think they can buy their way into people’s affections and leapfrog the need to solicit and reward a fanbase.

What are the best things that you’ve experienced having started the brand and has anything about the industry shocked you?

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